Website Hosting

Hosting your Website

If you own a domain name of some type like a .com or .ca etc., then its time to make a website and put it on the Internet. Hosting is about giving your website a "home" on the Internet.

There are several types of hosting we offer:

Shared Hosting

This is the most common form of hosting on the Internet. It is called Shared Hosting because your website is sharing the same web address. This isn't a problem for most people as they usually test their website by clicking on it and and see that it appears right away - no problem.

Shared hosting is also the most cost effective hosting.

At Cornerstone our hosting is 10 dollars a month.

Dedicated Hosting

Your web site can have its own private web address, actually called an IP address, which is very important if you plan on using encryption to accept credit card information through your website. It costs a bit more for a dedicated IP address AND you have to buy an SSL certificate as well which demands that you have a dedicated IP address (Also called a Static IP address).

The other advantage to having an dedicated IP address is that it will rank better with the search engines - sounds good doesn't it? There is no proof that this is true and is more likely information created by people who sell Dedicated IP addresses. I say this as 90 percent of the websites on the Internet are hosted with Shared Hosting.

eCommerce Hosting

This is simply Dedicated Hosting. You need to encrypt the credit card information that travels from the users computer to the web server when you are selling via a website. There are two methods of receiving money from a customer.

Pros and Cons of another merchant to collect for your sales.

  • They take a big cut of your sale - unless you look around carefully.

  • You don't have to buy an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address.

  • You have to learn to set up and use their software.
  • No need to get a merchant account with Visa, Master card etc.

Pros and Cons if you are already are a credit card merchant.

  • You lose less on the sale.

  • You need to buy an SSL certificate and get a dedicated IP address.

  • Your customers deal directly with you. There's no confusion going to another site.
  • Less programming getting the user back to your site after sale.

Linux Package Cost Email
Shared Hosting $10.00/month Unlimited size for your website
Dedicated Hosting $40.00/month Static IP Address, unlimited size
eCommerce $40.00/month Static IP Address, unlimited size, SSL Cert*
email package $5.00/month 5 email addresses included


Our Servers

  • 100% up time

  • Linux Only

  • email hosting plus web mail

  • Unlimited space