News Letter 7

The Fake Logon Screen

slow browserRecently I have been getting several emails from friends who say their Hotmail or Yahoo account has been "hacked" and an email has been sent from them that wasn't really from them. They usually go along the lines of, "Please don't open that email you just received from me as it wasn't from me and may contain a virus!"

What happened here? How did someone "hack" into their email account and send a virus to everyone in their Contact List?

Did a hacker actually figure out the users Hotmail or Yahoo password? Maybe, if the password is poor but there is another deceptive method.

Here's how it goes.

You recieve an email with the Subject: has sent you a message.

The actual message body says: has sent you a message. Click here to get it.

That's it.

Now if you click on the above link, you are taken to the yahoo logon screen.

But is it? Right, it’s not the official Yahoo page. It is the hackers fake one. This is a fake logon screen and after you enter your user name and password, you not only don't logon on to get your friends message, you just gave your logon data to a hacker.

The fake logon screen is easy to make look exactly like the original.

You have probably seen emails stating:

Your TD Bank account has received a large deposit - click here...

Your PayPal account is being closed - click here...

Your friend has sent you a photo -click here...

etc, etc

The Solution

The solution is to simply know about fake logon screens and don't logon onto any account from an email.

Cool Spot

Here is a link to Google Maps Secret Places: or

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