How to Import Your e-mail into Outlook Express

This example is a continuation of the How to Export your email into Outlook Express. To view this click here. First copy your Outlook Express files into a folder on your desktop called email.

Importing the E-mail Messages
We are now going to import all your email messages back into Outlook Express.

0. Open your Outlook Express

1. Select File from the Menu.

2. Click Import and then move your mouse over to Messages.

3. Click on Messages... to open the Import Window.

4. Select Microsoft Outlook Express 6.

5. Click Next.

Note: Of course if you had exported your email from the version 4 of Outlook Express, you would select Microsoft Outlook Express 4.

As you can see, there are many different programs that you can import from.

5. Select Main Identity from the list.

Don't Select the "Import mail from an OE6 store directory" as you will be choosing the email folder from the Desktop.

Leave the bottom Import Options checkbox unchecked too, unless it is relevant to your import.

6. Click OK.

Note: The other names in the list are other Identities who share the same Outlook Express. If you haven't created any other Identities, then all you will see is Main Identity.

It appears that Outlook Express has found my email messages!

If it doesn't show you the path to the email folder, you can locate it by clicking on the Browse Button and locating it yourself.

7. If all looks good click on Next.

8. Leave the All folders option checked.

Note: The other options are used if you only want individual folders imported.

9. Click Next.

As the message says, Congratulations!

That's it!

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