Fax Broadcasting Software

What is it?

Cornerstone's Fax Broadcasting Software is the perfect solution for companies who handle and maintain large quantities of fax numbers. It also has an Invoicing and Reports feature to assist you companies growth.

Deleting Removal Requests

Ask Off - This button is defined below

Zero out the List - When numbers have been added by using the Ask off feature, they can accumulate over time. Zeroing out the list removes the Ask Offs.

Add/Remove Deletions - Numbers that have been collected through the Ask Off feature or directly entered into this section can be deleted in seconds. The program searches all the databases for all the numbers listed in the deletion section.

Create a Deletion Report - This report lists all the databases or tables, that have been deleted by the program.

Invoice a Job

Make a New Invoice - This button opens up a new invoice. see Below

Open an Old Invoice - This button opens a window that allows you to enter an invoice number and view old invoices.

Find a Customer Invoice - This button is used to find an invoice when you don 't know the invoice number.

The Report Section

This section has several reports that can keep you up-to-date.

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