Window Cleaner's Software

WinClean 2.30

WinClean 2.30 software was designed by window cleaner's to make the management of the their window cleaning company more manageable, profitable and quicker. WinClean 2.30 was written for the window and gutter industry specifically. I n other words, this isn't a generic scheduling program that involves a lot of customization to get going.

The Scheduling Window

The Scheduling Window displays the employees and their jobs in a Monday to Sunday format. The employees are listed vertically and can be scrolled if you have more than 4.

Book a Job

The Bookem Window is used to create a new job or to edit an existing job. The employee number, the date and the job number are filled in automatically when you open the Bookem Window.

The Report Window

The Report Window allows you to view and then print weekly reports for your employees to take with them, calling lists to book jobs and statistics to see how you did. The large window on the right is the display window that you view before printing.

The Customer Window

The Customer Profile Window is used to keep track of all the data about the customer, his address(es), the actions or calls concerning him and the address menus, in 4 separate cards.



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