News Letter 6

Browser Slowness

slow browserHere is a common problem that I have run into on several occasions. The problem is simply, "Why is my browser so slow?" Many remember when their browser would open rapidly, "BAM", but then in got slower and slower.

The problem is commonly caused by add-ons.

Web browser add-ons add features (for example, extra toolbars, animated mouse pointers, stock tickers, and pop-up ad blockers) to your web browser. Your virus program could add one, maybe you have an add on from your bank. The "idea" is that these add-ons enhance your surfing but they also de-enhance it.

Let's get your browser faster...

For Internet Explorer, Version 9. Do these steps:

1) Open up IE and click on the upper cog wheel.

2) Click on Manage add-ons

3) Here you will find in the Status column, all the Enabled add-ons, ready to become Disabled add-ons.

4) Just select an add-on and right click on it. Select Disable.

5) Do this to all of them first and see how fast your browser opens now. Then you can Enable the ones you want back, one at a time.

This action can be done on all browsers. They all have "add-ons" or "extensions".

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