News Letter 5

How To Make A Screen Shot

At some point in your computer life you may want to send a screen shot of what you are looking at on the screen to a friend. It is very useful when you are trying to describe a problem you are having to whoever is trying to help you.

Once windows has started, you can "take a picture" of almost anything that appears on your screen by pressing the Print Screen button. Take a look at your keyboard. There should be a button on it that says Print Screen (mine is to the right of the F12 key). You simply press this key to take a picture, or copy, whatever is on your screen. Now that you've copied the screen you paste it into a program that can handle images. The program that I will use to demonstrate this is called "Paint" which comes with all versions of windows.

To open Paint, just click on Start and then go to Accessories. It should be right there so just click on it to fire it up. Once open click on Edit and then paste. Viola, your image is there ready to be edited or saved.

Editing the Picture

Once you have the image pasted, you need to open it fully by maximizing it. Below is an image I edited using Paint.

Here are the instructions on what I did to make this image. Let's assume that you have pasted the screen shot into Paint. You now want to cut a part of the image out and modify it which is done at 1.




1) This dotted square was used to select the part of the image I wanted to use; I simply dragged it around the cat then cut it.

2) Click File and say, "No" to saving the rest of the image. Pasted the cut image.

3) To add white space to the width and height of the image click Image and select Attribute. I added a hundred to both the Width and Height of the image.

4) Add Text to the newly created white space by clicking on the A.

5) Make lines from the text to the target area using this tool.

6) Finally, Make a rectangle around the text if you wish.

Save the image.

You can now attach the image to emails.

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