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Email Formatting

There are 2 formats of email that can be sent from most email programs.


This format of email is the safest and also most boring of the two formats as it only displays text. If your email program is set to only receive email in plain text then you will never see an image in the body of the email and often will see weird symbols and words like this <font> </font>. This is because someone sent you an email in the other style which is HTML. I know when I recieve an email from a MAC user, it arrives in plain text.


A lot of the websites on the Internet are made using HTML which gives the web designer the ability to use images, sounds and links to his Internet pages. Emails that are sent using HTML are in essence a web page in an email. This email is being sent in HTML and below I have added an image:

If your email program doesn’t use or support HTML then you won’t see the above image.

To switch to HTML or Plain text, you need to simply configure the email program usually in the Options menu. In Outlook there is simply a dropdown box at the top of the email.

* HTML Defined - paste this into your browser or click on it:

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