How to Save Your e-mail Addresses in Outlook Express

Saving your email addresses from Outlook Express

On the bottom left of Outlook Express is the Contacts Window where your email addresses are displayed. You may be familiar with this area, but there is a much better tool for handling your email addresses - The Address Book.

The Address Book

Click on Addresses Button from the Toolbar to Open the Address Book. If its not there then click Tools | Address Book.

Exporting the Address Book

1. Select File from the Menu.

2. Click on Export and move the mouse over to Address Book (WAB)...

3. Click Address Book (WAB)...

WAB stands for Windows Address Book

4. Select the location of where you want to export your email addresses to. In this example I have selected the Desktop.

5. Enter the name of the export file. In this example its called Addresses.

6. Click on the Save Button.

That's it!

Save the file onto a CD or another computer.

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