Microsoft Access Developer

Microsoft Access Developer

Cornerstone Software Solutions developes custom Microsoft Access Software for your business.

Does your businesses have a Microsoft Access Programs written by an employee who no longer works there?

We have written Microsoft Access applications for Accountants to "massage" their data or import it into accounting software like QuickBooks. Many companies use our custom Access Software to import large amounts of data in seconds as opposed to having an employee doing data entry for days.

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Here is an example of a custom software that handles client profiles, creates a monthly import file for Beanstream and another import file for Quickbooks. Before this software, this company spent 25 man-hours a month doing data entry which now takes 5 minutes.

MS Access


Our Staff

  • Bruce Lewis
    CEO / Programmer
  • Patricia Lewis
    CEO / Marketing Director
  • Linda Glennhill
    Chief Accountant
  • Chinmay Sekhri
    Lead Programmer, Linux
  • Scott Ishern
    Lead Programmer, Microsoft
  • Dan Capri
    Graphic Designer